Home Security Camera Effectiveness in Various Settings and Lightings

Security Camera or CCTV isolate on white background 478836331Home security camera effectiveness will be different depending on various settings and lighting conditions.With video surveillance, the point is capturing a recorded set of images of a person or an event. If conditions are not ripe for that particular camera and lens, the quality of the recording is not going to be great for watching. You may not be able to get a complete image or to distinguish a face in poor lighting with some cameras while others may give you a clear shot in HD no matter what time of day. Below are some of the conditions that can affect home security camera effectiveness.

Lux Conditions

“Lux” measures the illuminance and the luminous emittance in an area. Higher lux basically means that there is more light and it is easier to see. Lux conditions are highest in bright daylight and lowest on an overcast, moonless night. Thus, it is easy to see how lux will fluctuate greatly over the course of a 24 hour period both inside and outside the home. So when taking video surveillance with home security camera systems, high lux or low lux is going to affect how good of an image each camera is able to capture. In order to deal with this difficulty, cameras today are designed with special features to account for this change. Some cameras are HD, able to capture high quality images at any time of day or night. Because color distortion is a problem with deciphering images in low lux conditions, other security cameras record their videos in black and white so as to ensure that you can see clearly what is going on. Still other cameras will normally be in color during the day, but when the day ends and night comes with low lux, they will transition to black and white to allow you to see the best in both conditions. These allow the most freedom and greatest viewing capability around the clock.

Range of View and Range of Motion

Another feature that affects the effectiveness of home security cameras is their range, including their range of view and range of motion. A security camera may have excellent quality video recording but only has a range of ten feet, limiting its ability to capture anything of value outside of that range. The range on security cameras will vary greatly depending on the kind of camera you purchase. Range of motion is also a limiting factor. Most cameras are stationary, so if a criminal knows that he is being watched, he can simply try to stay out of the camera’s viewing range. Some cameras are able to combat this; for example, smoked dome cameras hide where the camera lens is pointing so that you cannot tell when you are under surveillance because you cannot see where the range of the camera is. An expensive camera that also factors this in is the pan tilt zoom camera. With one of these, you can pan left to right and tilt up and down, as well as zoom in closely to reveal details. The range of these is incredibly difficult for criminals to exploit, making them very effective home security cameras.

The effectiveness of home security cameras will depend on factors such as these. With the right combination of features and cameras, your video surveillance system will work perfectly for your home, giving you the home security that you need and deserve.