From Ancient Pin Locks to Electronic Door Locks

From ancient pin locks to electronic door locks, few devices prove to be more important than having a good lock on the doors to your home. On duty 147071231Indianapolis does not exactly pretend to be the safest place to own a home – 97% of cities in the United States have a better crime rate than Indianapolis. For home burglaries, the rate in Indianapolis is almost three times the national average. But with good quality Indianapolis home security, you don’t have to become a victim of property crime. Secure, top of the line door locks will play a big part in maintaining your home security.

Ancient Locks

The city of Ninevah, an ancient city that was abandoned around the year 600 B.C., holds the first recorded indication of having a lock and key on the door to the palace. Other ancient civilizations followed suit; next, in ancient Egypt, pin locks made of wood were invented. These locks were in three parts, with a bolt, a key, and some sort of door fixture. The bolt had holes drilled into it. With the insertion of the key into the door fixture, the pins in the lock would then move back into the holes that had been drilled into the bolt, thus opening the door. The removal of the key meant the returning of the pins back to their original places, holding the door fast. Next we had ancient Rome. Padlocks and tumbler locks have been discovered in the ruins of Roman cities, primarily on strongboxes and safes and the like, as well as doors.

Locks in the 1700s and Onward

Locks soon progressed in development for home security to lever tumbler locks, which used levers to hold the bolt fast within the lock and prevent it from being opened. Robert Barron of England created double-acting lever locks in 1778. These locks had slots in the lever, and if the lever was lifted either too far or not far enough, the lock would not open. We still use these kinds of locks today. Later came the development of chain locks, deadbolts, and doorknob locks, all of which will keep a door holding fast without their personalized key to match them.

Modern Locks: Electronic Door Locks

459838_35454449When security systems went electric, the lock was not ignored. Eventually there came the invention of electronic door locks, which could keep the door locked using electricity. With these locks, doors remain always locked for optimal security. When you enter the correct personalized passcode on the keypad, have the right digital device with an authorized digital code with you when you approach the lock, or pass a number of other requirements for entry access – then, and only then, can you access the door and get into the house. Because it is all personalized for the homeowner, it means all the convenience for you and extra security against the burglar who’d try to steal his way in. These locks are fast becoming the preferred kinds of locks for many homeowners because of the added security and ease of use – no more losing keys, no more having to leave a spare under the mat, no more having to make a copy when relatives come or when your teenager loses their copy.