Security Systems of Ancient Days to the Security Systems of America Today



There has been a long chance in the security systems of ancient days to the security systems of America today. With a modern city like Indianapolis with a high property crime rate that estimates a 1 in 18 chance of being a victim, there’s a great need for security systems that its homeowners can rely upon. Each part of the security system had to come from somewhere, though, so it makes a difference to go through the history of security systems for those devices and parts we rely on so much in our security systems today.


Locks were the first devices used in any form of home security. From ancient Ninevah to Egypt to Rome and onward, homes of the wealthy and those who could afford it would have locks on their doors. Now, every home in America has some sort of lock on the front door to prevent entry to those who shouldn’t be allowed in. These might be deadbolt locks, they might be electronic door locks, or they might be smartphone locks, but whatever the kind of lock, it’s a critical part of the security system for American homes.


cameras-160997702Surveillance of your own property has surprisingly been around for a good two thousand years as well. Ancient Indian homes had stepwells called baoli on their property. These were essentially vertical wells with steps around them. When someone was walking down the steps to get into the home, the homeowner could see them through the water without being seen. Marie Brown in 1966 invented a camera surveillance system with peepholes that would allow you to see outside your door, also without being seen. Seeing without being seen is what we now do with our own video surveillance. We’ll set up hidden cameras in clocks or sprinkler heads around our yard so that we can keep an eye on our property without anyone else seeing that they are under surveillance.

Gates and Visible Signs of Security

In medieval times, extraordinary means were employed to keep people out of castles. From moats and gates to drawbridges and portcullises, there was hardly any chance of getting in. While homes nowadays don’t have moats, we often have gates, and many homes have double doors for the added security measure. Additionally, these visible signs of home security in medieval fortresses are called back to in home security signs posted in our yards and windows – it’s a visible indication of home security to deter you from trying to invade.

Home Alarms

Typing alarm code 187979771Home alarms were first brought about in America with A. Pope’s home alarm system in the 1800s. Pope had created a device that would ring a bell when a secured door was opened, creating the precursor to the modern home alarm system that signals an alarm when a locked door or window is opened.  With the home security alarms of today, they can ring a bell, sound a silent alarm, place a telephone call automatically, and notify you remotely of any questionable activity on your property.

Monitoring Services

The first monitoring services were done by telegraph in 1871. The central monitoring station, a model for those of today, would receive messages and communicate with homes for a veritable home monitoring service. Today’s home security systems rely on this service from home security companies so that when we’re in trouble or our home is in trouble, they can help us out by getting the local law enforcement to come and help us out.

Remote Access

While this hasn’t been around for long, Marie Brown in the 1960s also invented the first “remote access” device for home security. She created a system in which a remote control could unlock the door. Now, we have remote access from miles and miles away, in which we can do everything from enabling or disabling alarms to reprogramming devices to watching live streaming video feed from our home security cameras.Family riding bicycles together

Each of these pieces is a part of home security systems of America today. They are all brought together here in Indianapolis home security to maintain the homes of Indianapolis residents. Home security needs to be able to protect your home, and with the right parts, your system can do so for your home. Click the banner on the side to contact local security experts and receive more information about home security from a home security professional in the area.